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1/72 IBG Scammel Pioneer SV2S Recovery Vehicle

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

I just finished my 1/72 IBG Scammel recovery truck.

This is an amazing multi-media model kit with fine detail, but requires some patience and experience.

I am not too happy with the tow rope, which lacks tension. The photo-etch hook does not really add weight to the assembly.

I painted with Gunze/Mr Hobby acrylics, representing a vehicle of 22.Armoured Brigade, 7. Armored Division, in France 1944.

All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.


























Thank you for your interest in this topic.

Best greetings from Vienna


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A splendid example, well done. I have the Thunder Models example of this in 1/35, but am unable to start the build as I’m missing a sprue. Hopefully the shop where I bought it, are getting me the missing sprue soon.


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I've got one of these in my stash.

Hope I can get it at least half as good as this one........................

As Pedro says, it looks a bigger scale than 1/72 with the detail and paintwork you have achieved

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Hi again Roman:

Congratulations for the nice build you have done with this little beauty!!!

Have watched the build carefully and really liked the way you gave done the job here, really a very high dexterity exercise. Liked a huge lot the way this little jewel looks in every sense, and impressed so much to me that have dug into the stash to retrieve some little kits from Airfix that by one or another reason I have preserved, and think it would be time to try my hand with them. Seem this build could be the most direct fruit of your job here.

Thank you very much for sharing,


Luis Alfonso

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I really like those wavy camouflage patterns, I'm merely scratching the surface with British camouflage patterns and colours but ist's a very interesting subject to study. Awesome job,



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Model looks great. I like this vechicle very much. I  build Scamell tank transporter-Airfix kit, at this moment. Well I'm sure that IBG kit is two times better ,-)

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