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Armstrong Whitworth AW 650 Argosy - 1/144 MikroMir

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Armstrong Whitworth Argosy - Air Anglia (classicairlines.com decals)

1/144 MikroMir




The Armstrong Whitworth Argosy was designed in the mid 1950’s as a medium range freight transport. The pod and boom layout was chosen to give an unobstructed cargo bay. With the cockpit on top of the pod and large swing doors at the front and rear, loading and unloading was greatly eased. It was designed so that when the aircraft was parked, the floor was at the average height of flatbed trucks of the day. The civil versions were to be found working as far apart as the United States and Australia & New Zealand, with the last ones retiring in 1991. This is the MikroMir kit -reviewed here


I was tempted to do the Elan version with the red pinstripes and some careful masking, but when I saw this aftremraket decal sheet from classicairlines.com, I had to have it.

It is foe Air Bridge Carries, subcontracted to Air Anglia and so carries both titles. G-APRL was long lived, and today resides in retirement at the Midland Air Museum near Coventry in Elan colours.  Don't forget the Walkaround section  has a vast library of reference photos, which proved very helpful with this build.


















As always 'with something else'. Rodens' Carvair with classicairlines,com BUA decals.



A few pointers on building this kit. I had seen complaints that the fuselage halves don't close properly around the interior.  So I glued mine together without the interior in place, and the halves fitted perfectly.  The cockpit opening 'letterbox' was trimmed to allow the glazing to fit in snugly, with the advantage that I could push it out from the inside with a finger each time I trimmed a bit more. The little pegs on the floor sides were nipped back to be less prominent, and the cockpit floor and cargo bay floors slid in from the front, and actually clicked into place perfectly.  Do it this way and there is absolutely no problem with the fit of these parts.



For my traditional cock up, I somehow managed to lose the rear cargo door after putting the kit away after writing the review. It is there in the review photos, so its loss is entirely my fault. I only noticed when I went to cut it off the sprue!. Mentioning it to Mike 'Bootneck' on these forums, he very kindly offered to do a resin casting for me from his example of the same kit.  10 out of 10 for generosity and helpfulness Mike, without you this project would likely have been abandoned. Mike did me 2 casts, which fitted perfectly. (After 2 months the original part is still missing, I thought it might eventually turn up but it must be quite some carpet monster in my modelling room).



The booms are just dry fitted here, the gaps in the join were not so noticeable when properly glued.



With huge thanks to Mike 'Bootneck' for rescuing this build.






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Your model brings back memories of Riddle Airlines flying Argosy freighters into and out of Kelly AFB many years ago (I can't recall when). It was a fascinating airplane to see; nothing else like it that I know of. You've done an excellent job on your Argosy.

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That’s an absolutely wonderful ‘whistling wheelbarrow’ there Viking! I’ve been dying to see the Air Anglia decals applied to an Argosy, and you’ve certainly done it justice👍
I’m really loving the nostalgic element to all the civvies that being posted in the RFI recently.

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Lovely job, never realised an Argosy ever carried Air Anglia livery, well done.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Cheers Michael.

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Lovely build. Did you have fun with the vortex generators? I will hopefully put my efforts up for veuing once I have fitted the anti clonk lights. I think this is a very good kit but one not to be rushed. 



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Wonderful model John and thanks for the very useful tips about building - duly filed for when I get round to my own build although I need to source accurate BEA decals first - the kit sheet is hopeless.  


I agree with the earlier comment about nostalgia. When I was a child in Lanarkshire it was quite common to see a BEA Argosy trundling past at a relatively low altitude presumably flying between Edinburgh and Glasgow. You couldn't mistake an Argosy for anything else and I've had a soft spot for it ever since.


Thanks again


Dave G

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Cracking job John. Allow me to say "Spot on".... and I wasn't just talking about the nose! :thumbsup2::thumbsup2:


You must have had a fun time with the masking on the lower fuselage and 16 prop blades? 😀


Best Regards



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Very nice model! Both aircraft and colour scheme evoking memories of my early interest in aircraft at East Midlands in the early 70's. I have this kit and will follow your advice on the internals to assist in getting the fuselage closed up. Need to decide on decals but the Air Anglia decals you've used look superb!

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Excellent work as we've come to expect. I used to love seeing Argosies(?) at EMA back in the day, and 'RL flew on for many years in those basic colours, less the Air Anglia titles, getting ever scruffier as time went by.



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Very nice looking Argosy! That is a bit pity that modern (I mean those currently constructed)  airplanes are not as weird as the use to be in the past... Who wants now to flight with his car abroad?




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