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Gakkel V «Usines Russe-Baltiques», Riga

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Hi all)) My name is Misha)
About 3 years ago I found "delicious" plane.
Many questions arose in my head. Almost nothing is known about the plane.
But.... who seeks, will always find.

Main view



Engine Oerlikon 50hp


I made the first drawing of the engine



PS  to be continued

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Hi Misha, this looks a very interesting project - I love anything to do with the earliest days of flight, so I will be following your progress on this :thumbsup2:

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Hello Misha,




Whoa... this is going to be an exciting build thread to follow as I too love early flight aircrafts and their intricate,  sometimes  quirky  designs.

I am SO loking forward to your build.


NEAT drawing Misha 


good luck but I dont think you will need it.




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This is truly exciting. I too am a fan of the little known, early or just plain strange early types of flying machine. You clearly do not have much to work with, but are making a first class effort to unravel the mysteries of the type. What scale are you building this in?


I will be following with great interest.



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On 26/08/2020 at 19:18, pheonix said:

What scale are you building this in?

To begin, I need to make a drawing. 

This is a very important aircraft. In 1911, there was a world exhibition in St. Petersburg (the same as in Le-Bourget, France). Gakkel V (1911) - the first in world seaplane without floats an wing. 

"Usines Russe-Baltiques" had two factories in Riga and St. Petersburg. 

Sikorsky worked at the plant in St. Petersburg. He built "Ilya Muromets" and  "Russky Vityaz". 

Kudashev worked at the plant in Riga. He built "Kudashev IV"

These two people are from Ukraine. Gakkel  from Russia.

Professor Kudashev was Sikorsky's teacher at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

Sikorsky is exactly the one who created helicopters and airplanes in the United States. He emigrated to the United States during the communist revolution 1917. The communists wanted to shoot Sikorsky because he was friends with the emperor of Russia (Nicholas II). The emperor presented Sikorsky a gold watch.














PS Long ago I found the Oerlikon engine.

This is for the Grangean-3 aircraft (Switzerland replica).

The engine was also used for Hungarian monoplane "DEHAN Dieterle Schwalbe" 

Engine (version No. 2)








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