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Which paint colour

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Taking for granted that by "Gulf War Tornado" you're looking to replicate the color of an RAF GR.1/1A in Operation Granby (aka Desert Storm), the original paint was a temporary finish that matched US FS595 standard 30279 tan - officially a brown shade but often referred to as "desert pink." 


It's a tricky color to match, especially factoring in the significant fading/weathering of the base color and touch-ups added by the time the nose art & mission marks most interesting to modellers were applied.  Whatever paint(s) you choose, you'll probably want to use a lighter shade for the overall coat and something closer to "true" FS30279 for areas that were repainted while in service due to heavy wear.


There are several previous discussions on the forums for "desert pink" or "30279" - this one describes several paint options and also includes some reference sources:


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