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Su-57 Russian 5th Gen. Fighter Masks (D72002) 1:72

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Su-57 Russian 5th Gen. Fighter Colour Separation Die-Cut Flexible Masks (D72002)

1:72 Galaxy Model for Zvezda




The Sukhoi Su-57 or Felon as NATO calls it, is a 5th gen fighter, but with the emphasis on frontal radar cross-section, rather than whole airframe stealth.  Its future wasn’t looking too bright until the recent order of 76 Airframes that was announced by Mr Putin, so hopefully we’re going to see some interesting colour schemes and modern models of in-service airframes, such as Zvezda’s own scale-up to 1:48, which is good news.




Zvezda’s 1:72 kit has been out for a short while, and the box art shows a very enticing digital scheme that would be hard to achieve without a plethora of masking and furious cutting of squares, so this new release might allow Felon fans to breathe a sigh of relief, as it contains a full set of masks to accomplish the task, plus a little more besides as has become customary with their releases.  The set arrives in an unassuming ziplok bag, with a cover card, A4 colour instructions on glossy paper, two sheets of masking paper pre-cut for your convenience, and a sheet of clear self-adhesive transfer paper for moving tricky shaped masks around.




The instructions are printed in full colour on one side of glossy A4, with the left half showing the main masking of the upper digital-camouflage, with the lighter grey sprayed first, then masked up to paint the darker grey in the central sections of the aircraft.  The lower side has the digital camo duplicated on the elevons, and a group of masks for the sensor suite under the nose, intake ramps, leading edges and sensors again at the rear.  Canopy masks are included, as are wheel masks, plus a delicate set of masks for the two sets of exhaust petals.  At the rear of the airframe are more small masks for panels, sensors and blisters, then finally a couple of small panels just aft of the canopy.  The photos accompanying the instructions are small but useful, and prove conclusively the veracity of their research.


The two sheets of masking are of the Kabuki type we’re all familiar with, and the set is overprinted with area names, numbers and separating lines in bright red, which unlike the first releases doesn’t seem to rub off during handling.



This masking set is an excellent short-cut for anyone wanting to depict the digital scheme on the box, and in true Galaxy Model style it’s well-detailed and annotated.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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