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Under the Radar by James Hamilton Patterson

At Sea

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Fiction book by the author of the thoroughly enjoyable 'Empire of the Clouds'.


Vulcan Pilot, has demons, things happen.  About all I can say without giving the game away!


It's good.  As a light read, holiday reading style, long haul flight etc etc...

Well researched and an obvious affection for the aircraft.  The depictions of exercises and RAF life under Nuclear QRA are not only realistic to read but annexes back up the stories with fact.













Don't read below here if you don't want to know the ending.




I think the storyline about the Pilot's marriage and the death of his friend, plus the spy in the Sergeants mess has quite enough going on without his realisation of his homosexuality.

Not that I am against such things, I just think that there's too much going on and it felt superfluous to the story.

Doesn't 'ruin it' as I enjoyed the book.

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