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1/72 - CAC CA-19 Boomerang by Special Hobby - released


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Potential buyers should note that, unless SH has upgraded the mould substantially, the cockpit is ludicrously fiddly for what can be seen with closed canopy (only option) and yet still has the portion between the rear 'quarterlights' see-through.


Martin the Aggrieved

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21 minutes ago, Jose Luis said:

The huge mistake on the rear cockpit area

I would call it a minor mistake, not a huge one and  it's  easily fixed............  (we did tell them about it at the time of the first release)


You will need all the pieces in this set and the instructions and colour guide is worth the money on its own.

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2 hours ago, Ed Russell said:

Not only that but they forgot the embedded air intake within the lower cowling front, same with the bulge on the lower cowling just before the wing is attached.
Miraculously the intake at least is visible on the box art.

I take it this applies to the earlier versions also.



(Snide remark removed by myself, sorry for the inconveniences)


And here's a photo to display what I mean (taken from wikipedia):



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56 minutes ago, occa said:


It would be more useful to suggest solutions. When you do your build, send us decent quality masters and we will market them for you. You were asking about cameras........

A46-222 definitely had one fitted at some time. There was a small shroud fitted behind camera opening, not visible in this picture but in the lower one.






<edited for harmonisation>

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3 hours ago, Ed Russell said:

But............ see here http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16350 last line of my post!


Well spotted Ed, I suspect you're among a minority who know & care much about it but now that you've pointed that out, what am I to do? I'll have to display them at opposite ends of the shelf rather than together now. ;) :D


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