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HMS Gentian - Flower Class

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About 18 months ago I moved to a street called Gentian Way. I don't do ship modelling but I quite fancied a Flower Class as HMS Gentian.  Probably using the Revell 1/144 offering. Not necessarily super-detailed but I like the look of the Pontos detail set.


But I discovered that Gentian was an early short-foc'sle Flower. No OOB option. A few names of companies who made short-foc'sle conversions were suggested. But everywhere I've looked has been OOP or long-term OOS. I don't fancy surgery on the kit parts, although I believe it's been done.  It isn't a rush project as I have too many AFVs to do despite a recent cull of the stash.


Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?

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Hi, the hull conversion is pretty straightforward. There are a few websites that I used for information, and the results of my "becalmed" efforts are here

There are also a couple of essential references,

Flower Class Corvettes by John Lambert and Les Brown (Ship Craft series)

Warship Perspectives - Flower Class Corvettes in World War Two by John Lambert.

Hope that helps,



P.S. This Website is useful> https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/theflowerclasscorvetteforums/flower-class-corvette-images-f70/


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