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Kreiger runabout

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I recently found a 'gluebomb' on the bay. It was a good price and I was curious.


Battery powered, adhesive smeared and with an anti aircraft gun on the roof, what's not to like?

It's an old Gunze Sangyo product and is somewhat of a Land Cruiser 'egg' model in 1/24th. But I wanted it to be 1/20th.


Once disassembled, I cut off the roof. The dashboard and wheel from a 1/20th kit was added and the rear inner arches faired in.



Underneath there were huge differentials to cover the gears so I made up some tubes and odd bits as a rough drivetrain.



And this was the end result. Helmut seems pleased. It wasn't worth doing a WIP as it took no time at all.



It's a bit mad with the huge wheels but it does the job.



No pedals/gearshift and you can see through to the front, but I was only after a quick build anyway.


Rough and simple but it'll probably never be seen again anyway. Though that depends on Helmuts driving.

Thanks for looking. Comments are always welcome. Pete

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