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Alan R

Iwata BCS problerms with getting it to spray

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Hi All,

I have an Iwata Eclipse BCS syphon feed airbrush and have been encountering problems recently.

It has worked flawlessly for two years since I bought it, but now it seems unable to pull the paint from the bottle!

Some history.

The problem started to manifest itself about six months ago in that the spray would progressively get less and less over a session.

This in itself was not a problem, a quick clean and normal service would resume.

However, over the last three weeks the flow would only be partially restored even after a thorough clean. Eventually it stopped working completely.


I used a more aggressive solvent to clean it and, after some mucking about it started working, albeit in a spluttery, intermittent fashion.

Some research on the web suggested that the nozzle was damaged and thus causing the problem.

I bought a new nozzle (The right size for the needle I am using (0.5mm).

However, whereas before I could at least get a sputtery spray with the old nozzle, I get NO flow of paint with the new one.

Replacing the new nozzle with the old one resulted in the paint flowing, albeit sputtery as before.

I cleaned the new nozzle in case that there was some debris in the nozzle, but when I tried it again, no paint flow.


So, to get to the point,. my question is: Why is this happening?


I suspect, but cannot be sure that now the problem is the needle itself. It may have got damaged itself. I cannot see any damage, but I have no magnifying glass to see it in detail.


Any help would be welcome.


Thanks for reading this far.





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Does it spray water with old and new nozzle?

Also, are there any air leaks in the areas where syphon connects to airbrush?


just couple of ideas.




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