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Wright Cyclone R-1820 late (MDR4853) 1:48

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Wright Cyclone R-1820 late (MDR4853)

1:48 Metallic Details




Development of the R-1820 Cyclone 9 engine led from an earlier engine in the Wright catalogue, one that didn’t reach production due to the unexpected departure of many of their staff to set up Pratt & Whitney.  The Cyclone series grew in size and power by increasing the displacement to almost 30L and adding a GE-sourced supercharger that was eventually replaced by one of their own design to achieve 1,200hp at 2,500rpm from a 9-cylinder radial.  That power made it attractive to aircraft manufacturers, and it was used in many aircraft before WWII, it flew in almost every B-17, and even remained in use after WWII with aircraft like the T-28 Trojan and S-2 Tracker.




This set is designed as a super-accurate generic unit, although it will definitely fit in a B-17 in this scale, as I have seen the same resin in their B-17 set, a review of which will follow soon.  It arrives in a small card box with a picture of the finished article on the front, and lots of resin parts inside, plus a small sheet of Photo-Etch (PE) brass and instruction sheet.  Construction begins with adding small arrow-shaped brass inserts that fit between the cylinders, then adding the intake piping to the centre, aligning each tube to the right of the head.  Small parts and harnesses are fitted to the outer surface of the cylinder banks, then the push-rods and wiring harnesses in resin and PE respectively are glued in place to complete construction.  There aren’t any painting guides provided other than the picture on the front of the box, but there are ample resources online should you need them.






A highly detailed engine set that will enliven any appropriate model when installed and sympathetically painted.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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