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I will join this groupbuild with the old Italeri (disguised as a Tamiya and it was a few euro's cheaper then the original for reasons only known to god and the like).  Those few euro's saved were just to please my poor self, because the kit was joined with various upgrades, that exceeded that amount dearly...


The Ah-1 attack helicopter descends directly from the UH-1 (from which it lends the transmission, engine and rotor system...) and was first used in vietnam as an armored and armed escort for the Huey's. The US marines wanted this helicopter too, but then with a dual engine lay-out, due to the activities over sea and according safety for the pilots, but also to be able to carry more load. They also wanted a more potent gun in front (those marines at that time 😉 ) So the AH-1J was born. The engines and transmission were swapped again which resulted in the AH-1T. This still wasn't enough, and when they were denied of buying the Ah-64 apache, the upgraded the AH-1W once more now able to fire Hellfires and sidewinders. At the moment they are apgrading again to the AH-1Z with a four-blade rotor... so me thinks the story isn't over yet.


This was the history in a nutshell


the box:






and the various upgrades:

Armycast engine set



armycast cockpit



master barrel



eduard hellfire:



eduard PE



and some decals, with a replacement nose...


haven't decided on the version yet, could be the Turkish one or the sand/grey one.


and this is where I am at the moment:

main parts cleaned up and ready for dryfit









It will be delicate, because the plastic is soft... I think if you press hard with your nail, it will leave a dent....

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Nice collection of upgrades you have there - should be a great build! I've always preferred the look of the Cobra over the Apache and my vote would definitely go for the Turkish Army option.

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Oooh I need to find obe if these, My B.i.Law was a marine and i was thinking of building one of these for his desk. What decals are those I like the desert camouflage/grey one. 

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Posted (edited)

Those decals are also from Armycast. They have two options, with or without the resin nose... Choose wisely they ought to say....


I just hope I can do justice to these upgrades. They can be a major pitfall...

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  • 1 month later...

Not really, I've started working again in a new company after almost 6 months at home due to Corona... was also waiting for some scribing templates, but these seem to take forever to get delivered... Time to put this one on the bench to make some progress again...  The rest will arrive some day...

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So after the friendly reminder this one got on the workbench yesterday..


Started with the nosejob:

the easy part, removing the original part along the panelline:



and fitting the new part:



So far so good, but the upper angle is completely different on the replacement part... so a check with the glass part is necessary:



What I feared... Need to think a bit how to cope with this. But thinking about making a recess in the outside border to make the canopy fit.


In the mean time I've glued the engine parts





and then started the sanding process...  To aid with that I've removed some details to reglue them afterwards. The pictures will aid in the positioning.








so al lot of rescribing is coming up... Hope to get the material soon...



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