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RN Sea Vixen FAW.2 AirFix 1/48

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This is the moment of trepidation, putting ones work up for the eagle eyes to spot all errors, flaws and defects but this is a journey where ever model is a step improvement on the last. I am ever on awe of the quality of models that the members here present and learn something from every thread I read.


16 months with a 9 month break in the middle and I am happy to declare this finally finished. The build log is here for anyone who wants to have a laugh



This is a special model for me as my father was met officer on HMS Eagle on her final round the world trip in 1972 and this aircraft would have flow off her then. Great aircraft, lovely lines and I have enjoyed 'nearly' every minute of the build.


Edit to add in details of aftermarket parts:

  • wolfpack resin wingfold kit
  • Pavla resin airbrake
  • CMK resin wheel set
  • Quickboost resin ejector seats
  • Quickboost resin air I takes
  • Eduard photoetched cockpit.








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Looks lovely, great work.  I built the same kit but converted it to an FAW.1 from HMS Centaur as my dad was on board that ship.  

Congratulations on a lovely model.

All the best


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You certainly won't hear me laughing. That's a build to be quite proud of. Cockpit looks quite good and you made good use of the stenciling. 

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Hello Guy,

Indeed, a very striking model. Finished to perfection.

Regards, Orion

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On 31/07/2020 at 16:15, Orion said:

Finished to perfection.

Far from perfection, but enough to make me smile when I look at it every day.

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Thanks for the comments, being able to share the build experience and learn from more experienced members is a great driver to do a little bit better each time.

I dread to think what my parents used to really think when I threw together a model over a weekend, painted and  presented it as the best Spitfire/Hurricane etc.

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Very nice work!

No eagle eyes on my part, no expert on Sea Vixen... but I can tell it looks great! Nice aftermsrket selection as well!


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This is wonderful and in particular I love the wing fold.  Having done the conversion, what do you think of it as I am thinking of doing it for my own that is sitting in my stash.

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