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Pixelplanes & Watercolors - A small collection

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Hello dear modellers and aviation enthusiats,

I recently found this nice forum and happy to be a part of it.
Since february i found my passion in aviationart again. The love for pixelart is heavily influencing my current works, but i also enjoy rough sketching.
If you like it you can find more recent updates on my instagram account (@saschaschindelholz).

Here is a small collection of recent works:

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Excellent collection. I really like the varying styles.


My favourite is the Sunderland.

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Interesting stuff, although I prefer your more traditional watercolours some of the digital work is spectacular - in particular the Stuka! But my fave has to be the Spit closing in on the V1 !



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That's some really nice and truly unique pictures,

I like the a bit rough style of the pixelated pictures and the P-40 under engine maintenance must be my favorite.

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