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As a side note a lot of the 3D models you can find on the web haven't been designed specificity for 3D printing & will need to be cut up & edited so they can be printed properly/efficiently.


This boat for example if printed on an FDM printer it would need extra support material around the hull & under the seats to stop it from collapsing during the printing process, which would use up a lot of material, effect the surface quality & be a pain to remove. For the best results you'd need to print the seats & rudder as separate parts & also cut the hull in half & print it as two separate parts. Depending on the scale a resin printer would be able to print it as a single part, at larger scales though it would probably struggle with the overhang from the seats so they would need to cut out & printed separately.


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6 hours ago, LostCosmonauts said:

@Pouln - another for your resources list?

Sure, thanks for pointing this out. 
I will add this source.

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