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1/72 Tamiya Corsair Mast


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Hi Folks,

I posted this in my build, sorry if duplicate, but I have the weekend off and want to work on the corsair.  I did not create the hole for the mast (missed it in the directions). And there is no mark visible for me to know where to start. Can someone help out and give me an accurate measurement in millimeters from the panel line outlined in red to the center of the mast so I know where to start drilling?  



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I've just checked both of my kits and nowhere does Tamiya say where exactly to put it. There is nothing on either fuselage half to indicate where.

The only thing I can see in the instruction is the diagram showing it fitted just to the rear of that section with the pilot's headrest, no more than a millimetre, probably less.

That would be the side to side red line on your picture. Just aft of that.



My 2 cents.





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