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1/72 Gloster Gladiator decals

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Hi Guys these are now available, they could not be released when the 1/32 and 1/48 scale ones were a little while back as there was issues with the printing, but here they are now.

Three colourful prewar schemes, build all three they will look great together in 1/72 scale

72 Gladiator


available here https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/gloster-gladiator-decals-for-72-73-and-87-sqn-1-72-scale


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Hi Dave should have answered ages ago, but here are some picture off the net, but they have been published in quite a few places and Eduard included them in their limited 1/48 released kit.


Yes this is a really cool little Gladiator





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Hi Ali

Belated thanks for posting the photo's been rather busy this week and have only just caught up. I don't recall seeing them before, definitely an interesting scheme

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