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A tiny 601 Sqn Hurricane (1/72 Arma)

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I am currently building a 1/24th scale model of Hawker Hurricane with reporting code UF*S from my Grandad's squadron during the Battle of Britain.


With it being a very large project I am interspersing it with a few small projects, the first of which is this, a small version of the same aircraft.


I used the Arma Hobby kit, which is gorgeous and painted it in Alclad enamel colours. With most of the aircraft during the Battle being fairly young I have kept the weathering light, with only gun and exhaust staining and a bit of mud above the wheels.

The last shot shows it head to head with an Airfix Hurricane I must have built nearly 20 years ago with Humbrol starter kit acrylics!


50151589991_4af83f9d0c_k.jpg20200725_160440_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr

50151590101_512bdc13be_k.jpg20200725_160715_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr

50151709772_58de861045_k.jpg20200725_142615_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr

50151589826_49dba36e63_k.jpg20200725_160516_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr

50151473371_6e1e18645f_k.jpg20200725_142143_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr

50151468206_e06cf59087_k.jpg20200725_141218_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr

50151468441_f5a2f9f750_k.jpg20200725_141237_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr

50151704992_31cef74d7a_k.jpg20200725_141920_Film2 by OutcastJoel, on Flickr

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Two things to mention.

1. Keeping a kit for 20 years without serious damage is something special, on its own.

2. Your latest Hurricane is exceptional.  Bravo.



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How absolutely lovely. 


Very very nice build - I've just picked one of these up, and having seen this am going to make a start on it today. 


Really very tidy build, and I like the subtle weathering. I think mine may well be rather more of a beater!

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Thank you very much all! I think it is probably the best RAF scheme of the Battle.

The big one has been awesome so far, I have no idea where I am going to put it when done though... 


On the topic of weathering, I am really bad at weathering so am always nervous about ruining a model with it. I need to pick some subjects which need heavy weathering to force me to do more. 

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That really is something, it's stunning build and could pass for a much bigger scale. It's night and day compared to your older model. Deeply impressed at your skill. 

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