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Hello everyone! My Wolseley armoured car....

....is finally finished! I got tired of waiting for the headlights to dry, and ripped out the microscale Krystal clear (after about 7 coats it was like pork-pie jelly) to replace it with Gorilla clear glue - much better! ...a bit too clear if anything.


The saga will continue at the WIP with horses, figures and a diorama base (inlcuding AA box), but for now the car is complete.














thanks for watching!


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Fantastic result mate - and a very interesting and informative build. Looking forward to seeing the dio.

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Beautiful piece of work. The WIP was most inspiring, especially how you accomplished the rivets. 



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Superbly executed - looks great!  Can't wait for the diorama - are you going to show it as a WIP?

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thanks for the feedback chaps - much appreciated. Throughout this build it's really spurred me on. The WIP continues, with the diorama and figures....


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I thought, that's good. Then I discovered you scratch built it ? 

That's better then good, I sometimes struggle to put kits together, how you scratch builders do it, is beyond me.

Most excellent work.



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Cool! Now that's what I call modelling!

Looks good and convincing.


I am imagining driving this thing or sitting in the turret, firing the gun. Talking claustrophobic and deafening!

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My first visit (out of curiosity) to the land of armour, and this is what I see. Blimey!

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