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Il-86 Detail Set (MD14439) 1:144

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Il-86 Detail Set (MD14439 for Zvezda)

1:144 Metallic Details




The Ilyushin Il-86 is a wide-bodied airliner thathas the NATO codename Camber, which has four engines and can carry over 300 passengers.  Zvezda have kitted it in 1:144 with the initial boxing coming out in 2006 with more than a couple of reboxings, and the occasional appearance in a Revell box into the bargain.


The set arrives in a resealable foil bag with backing card that has the two Photo-Etch (PE) sheets taped to the front, and the resin parts stapled in place in a small ziplok bag.  It is a comprehensive upgrade to the detail of the kit, with a large number of parts spread over the two sheets and small resin parts.  It begins with the four engines, which each have a new intake fan made up of three layers and individual blades that should be tweaked to replicate the angle of the real thing, with a tiny resin bullet added to the centre of each one.  The nose gear is upgraded with brakelines, hub rims and small resin parts, while the bay doors are replaced with new ones from in-scale brass folded into shape.  The main gear has a replacement scissor link folded to shape, brake lines, hub-cap centres and brake details, with new gear bay doors and hinge parts added for extra realism.  The bays themselves have additional PE cabling added to the roof on each side, then the captive bay door on the main legs are replaced with a new PE part with attachment points also supplied.






The exterior of the airframe isn’t left out either, having many blade antennae, nose light surrounds, replacement wing-fences, AoA probes, windscreen wipers, and flush-mounted vents under the nose and tail.




The detail provided is exemplary and will bring the kit up to a new level, with instructions that guide you through the whole process.  Having a spare of the resin parts will also help in case one pings off into the ether.


Very highly recommended.



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