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Space Shuttle Enterprise nose probe?

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My build of the space shuttle Enterprise making it's first landing is progressing slowly.  My latest stumbling block is the long nose probe fitted for these ALT missions.  My model is based around a modern Revell 1/144 scale Shuttle from the Shuttle and SCA kit.  Unlike the earliest Revell incarnation of this combination, the modern version doesn't come with a nose probe for the orbiter.
Does anyone know where I can get dimensions for this nose probe?


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Can't help with the nose probe although you might be able to estimate the dimensions by examining and measuring photographs of the real thing. Albion Alloys provide brass tubing of various diameteres which could provide you with the basic structure. There are also various bespoke pitot tubes available in brass which could be adopted.


One thing to watch out for, if you are showing Enterrprise mounted on the 747, the nose attachment strut on the 747 was taller on these test flights than the version fitted later for ferry flights. This was done to ensure that the Orbiter sat at the right angle on the back of the 747 to facilitate the lift off when separation occureed. The main concern on these drop tests was that the Orbiter lifted off at the correct rate of climb and cleared the 747's tail fin safely. 


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