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Hi Guys, return to classic cars. This time Italeri Mercedes 300 SL. As of today, engine is ready for placement. It was the poorest engine available in box. Just a piece of plastic with few elements. Originally 14 elements, but now it is 243 incl. every single nut. I had to make from scratch a lot of elements, joints, wires, tubes, nuts, equipment, modifications to come up to original shape, etc. etc. Enjoy,

at the beginning comparison to "international metric system", i.e. lighter :)












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That’s a great start. Very nice detailing on the engine.

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That is indeed some serious work on the engine! Looking forward to more of this build!

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That's certainly looking like a labour of love. Looks great, but if it was me I'm not sure I'd be able to face the rest of the car with that much detail!


Not just a great engine build, but well photographed too.

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Hi Guys, a short update with the frame and suspension. I sprayed black semigloss at the frame not with aero but spray can. As it gives pretty strong pressure, you can get some air bulbs which once dry, then can be marked as small rust spots. All pictures of this car in real life, I've seen in the net , present fully restored ones, almost brand new. So I used this "almost" to have some rust spots and marks :)



Later I realized that even sealed, the set was not original. This white part was broken off and missing... So I had to make it myslef.


Then I have assembled front & rear suspension








to be continued...

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Posted (edited)

Do you mean that silver steel hangers? I made them from steel stripes. Maybe they should be more "used"?

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Hi Guys,

because of holiday and workload, small update. I have started to work on interior. First I had covered with leather but the final result had not satisfied me due to pretty complicated curves of particular elements. So I had removed it and than painted to reach the leather-like layout. I used structured paint from ZP for leather effect and brown to make it darker. I think it is much better.





I have just mounted engine and exhaust pipes, flocked spare wheel compartment and cooler with pipes.







tbc, regards

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Yes, love the seats. Look really good in this scale. 

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Very intersting job @Angus73..

And easier to extra-detail the engine at this scale than on my MB 300SL 1:24 from Tamiya.

Your example is chalenging for me...let's see if I managed to do as good as you :)


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Good choice to remove the leather from the seats. The paint has worked really well! I’ve never tried Zero’s textured paints. Did you spray or brush?

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I have sprayed it with aero, several very tiny layers. If it is sprayed too much, it brakes. So 5-6 times. Then dark brown ZP and clear semigloss, with aero as well.

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Hi Guys, short update. I have prepared a dashboard and rear panel of engine. There are some pictures of it separated and placed into engine compartment. Regards and tbc :)





and a panel of engine







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