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Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc 1/48 Arma Hobby


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-Those two parts on the wing sprue; are they paint masks for the wheel well? If so, smart!!!

-With modern digital design methods, it is easy to change the design of a IIb wing to a IIa. But it needs a complete new tool to produce a new wing sprue. 
Or: have a specific, exchangable insert for the part of the wing where the outer gun hatches are. In this case it all conveniently lies within a specific rectangular panel on the wing, the seam can be ”hidden” in the panel line itself. 
Question; have ARMA toolmakers used this technique in the past (1/72)?


Orherwise, I’m impressed with the speed with which the ARMA team has added the IIb to the series! No doubt more marking alternatives (Trop) will follow soon. This is going to become expensive…

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12 hours ago, Homebee said:


Is this "closed" wheel bays I see at each end of the sprue? Finally someone makes this - prerequisite when building in-flight models :D

For those not aware; on the Hurri, the support arm "folded" in when the gear retracted, hence you can't build in-flight without much work. Some Hurricane manufactureres allow for this, but most allow for gear down only. This looks promissing :D 



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Hurricane Mk.IIB wing.






We already have a wing for the 1/48 Hurricane Mk IIB kit! This is the only part distinguishing this aircraft from the Mk IIC version.








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