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Yellow jack Gnat serial numbers

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Hi everyone,can anyone tell me the Aircraft serial numbers of the RAF Yellowjack Gnat display team please.Many thanks


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According to the 1/72 Aerodecal sheet 06A  Red Arrows/Yellowjacks that I have, the serials are listed below. I can't swear as to the accuracy of the serials on the sheet, but maybe somebody can confirm or correct- sorry, best I can do!











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Mike is correct, all the serials he provided are listed in David Watkins' book The history of RAF aerobatic teams from 1920 - smoke on . . . go! (Pen & sword) or can be seen on photos, published in Peter R. March's book The Red Arrows story (Sutton). Nine Gnats flew in Yellowjack display team and, according to Watkins' book, one of the two missing serials is XR996. Unfortunately, I found nothing on the last one. Cheers


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