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Welcome and Rules


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Hi guys,


It is less than a week to go before this STGB starts.


So, Welcome to the Heinkel He-111 STGB!


When: 25 July till 25 October 2020


Hosts: ArnieC


Eligible builds: Heinkel He 111 including prototypes, production models military and civil from A to Z and their direct descendants from CASA. What if's are my thing, but are not allowed. sorry guys.


WIP thread: All builds must have a work in progress- thread.


Multiple builds in one build thread: Allowed. All builds should have their own gallery entry, though, with five pictures being good a good number as any number can be posted at the build thread. Commenting on gallery thread is a no-no, please do that in the build threads only.


No trading: Any parts/decals/kits etc that you want to buy or sell MUST be posted in the Buy/Sell area only, not here in the GB forum.


No ready-mades: Entries must be under 25 % complete. If there's any doubt, get in touch with one of us or post your progress in the GB Chat thread, things usually get sorted out.


The most important part is to have fun!


Now we just need to wait till next saturday.





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