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Hello from Philadelphia

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Hello Everyone,


My name is Dennis, I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   I have seen some truly fantastic models and figures on this forum.  I hope to learn and contribute something interesting to the forum. 

I have  been building models and painting figures for over 50 years. Currently I am primarily interested in US WWII vehicles, figures and small vignettes.  But, I do occasionally veer off to models and figures of other nations and eras if something catches my interest.


This lifelong interest in making and painting models and figures all started in the late 60s with boxes of 1/72 scale Airfix soldiers, kits and Britain's figures.'  


Thank you for accepting me in to your ranks.





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Welcome to the forum.when I lived in NJ, I really enjoyed going to ballgames at Citizins Bank,and thought the zoo was great.

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