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Test Support Viper: 78-0081

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F-16B 78-0081 came to Edwards in 1989 from Luke AFB. Early model F-16s were being brought in to replace F-4s and A-7s in the test support role - radar targets and safety/photo chase for test aircraft. Test support was the mission of the 6512th Test Squadron of the 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center. In October 1992, at the behest of the USAF Chief of staff, 4-digit organization identifiers were abolished and the 6512TS became the 445TS (later FLTS) and the 6510TW became the 412TW.


August 1989 - Shortly after arrival from Luke AFB.

78-0081 6512ts KEDW 19890813 15cr


August 1990

78-0081 6512ts ED KEDW 19900822 05cr


June 1991

78-0081 6512ts ED KEDW 19910611 18cr


78-0081 6512ts ED R-2508 19910611 04cr


October 1991

78-0081 6512ts ED KEDW 19911006 27cr


September 1992 - The AF Materiel Command shield replaced the AF System Command shield on the tail as Systems Command and AF Logistics Command were merged to form Materiel Command in July 1992. The name inside the nose gear door is "TAZ DEVIL"

78-0081 6512ts ED KEDW 19920925 19cr


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