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I "Blame" the KBOBM for this :-)

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The Kent Battle of Britain Museum posted on their fb page a pic of 9./ZG 76 Bf 110 C-4 2N+EP that was shot down 80 years ago TODAY. Now that code rang a bell in my head, somewhere, and I had to check why.


So here's the Eduard "all-in-one" answer to how a proper kit should look like without a need to shop too much aftermarket. I won't use the PE though, I hate the stuff.


Not the Emil, but Anton from the same Staffel. Unreliable internet sources state this plane becoming shot down in mid-August 1940 so good for this GB :yahoo:. I like the RLM 65/70/02 paint scheme, no theater bands etc and a very clean heavy escort fighter as there are no bombs and racks, drop tanks etc clutter.


The number or unnecessary parts that find their way to spares box is in this case quite respectable. The plastic is a tad too dark grey to my liking but the quality of course is very good.


Just a dryfit of major components after an hour of assembly. This kit is in no way overengineered and fiddly. The fuselage is clipped together between the H-tail and the wings, no glue yet of course.

I plan to get this done before the He 111 STGB begins. Let's see if I can make it! V-P

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