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So this is my second completed Trumpeter Vulcan B2. I painted this to represent XL386 as she was in 1976. Decals are from all sorts of things out of my spares box, the roundels are Trumpeter and went on well, fin flash from gwh, serials and sqn markings from Fündekal.... I think.....

The only modification I made was to improve the jetpipes to make them look closer to Olympus 301s, which this Vulcan was refitted with (the kit ones are very poor)- and the IFR probe was









Alongside my other Trumpeter Vulcan, painted as XH558 as she was when delivered to the RAF. I've posted that one on here before.





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1 hour ago, binbrook87 said:

Just brilliant! More Vulcans please 😁


6 minutes ago, Abandoned Project said:

I second the motion :goodjob:

Fine, have a few more






XL386 and XA906, currently my two favourites from my collection

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Great set of Vulcans and you have done a really fine job on the camo, so difficult in this scale! And you have not just done it once......but multiple times......crazy man! Good work.

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4 hours ago, stevej60 said:

That's a great collection Adam I didn't even realise Trumpeter had a Vulcan in the range,I do now and want one,I would presume 1/144?

yep it's 1:144. Definitely the most accurate Vulcan in the scale, but got some odd choices in how they designed the kit.

Firstly the jetpipes are awful, they neither look like Olympus 301s or 201s. Then they decided the pipes under the engines should be moulded to the ECM plates.... Unless you got spares from elsewhere or want to scratch build them (easy enough to do) then you're limited to 2 ECM plate vulcans... bunch of other odd things as well...

2 hours ago, binbrook87 said:

What a great collection! And what a beautiful aircraft the old girl is. Still got my Trumpeter one in the box unbuilt. I need to pull my finger out 😁

Build it, building a Vulcan is always a good choice. Then buy another... and another.... and another.....

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