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Airfix Albion conversion drawings

Spit Fan

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Back in December 2015 Mancunian Airman posted drawings of his Airfix 1/48th Albion conversions to go with images of several of these lovely conversions. I would like to try my hand at them but do have a question on the drawings. In the lower left corner there is the following notation: “Chassis Raise 6mm, Space 14mm.”  Could anyone enlighten me as to exactly what this means and to which conversion it might apply.  I plan on doing each of the conversions as I am really interested in airfield support vehicles. I seem to recall reading that some of the unused parts in the Albion kit were a possible indication that Airfix might do additional vehicles based on this kit. I for one certainly hope so.


I also would like to know  to whom do the Vehicles belong? The squadron or the airfield. My guess is to the airfield at least in the U.K. Any and all answers greatly appreciated. 😀



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