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Conifer branches for camouflage?

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I wasn't sure if I should post this here or the AFV section but I guess there may be more 'know-how' over here 🙂

I'm attempting to make vehicle camouflage for a 1/35 Leopard 2, and my book of reference photos shows them almost uniformly draped in coniferous branches. I've been looking all over though for what feels like weeks now and it seems nigh-on impossible to find that type of branch anywhere. Easy enough to find entire conifer trees but they're all in small scale, for train scenery I guess. Was going to get a Woodland Scenics full 'Forever Green' tree and snip off individual branches, but it's only 6 inches in height and £15 is a lot to spend if it might be too small. https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/trees/57474-6-7-classic-forever-green-3-pk


Would this type of thing work, if it could be attached to branches? https://railsofsheffield.com/products/13412/woodland-scenics-wf54-any-scale-conifer-green-foliage


Has anyone ever seen a good example of this type of foliage online? Or even something that could pass as similar? I'm not convinced my limited scratch-building skills could make the unique needley-ness of that type of branch.


Thanks if anyone can lend a hand!

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Perhaps moss from a lawn would be a good start? It sort of looks coniferous. You could dry it out and use PVA glue. Maybe a few pieces for each branch.

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The problem is that conifererous Freres are very distinctive and just using foliage material in1:35 would look wrong. Not an exact match but ferns look fairly coniferous. 









As examples from retailers I have purchased from others are available.


The most mostt coniferous look a like item that is roughly to scale that I can think of are the tepe type interdental brushes. The limitation is that they are only about 1cm long so might be a bit short for you needs.





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Have a look at the herb section of your local garden centre, see what sparks an idea.

(My initial thought was rosemary, but that would be too gross for 1/35)

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