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1/48 Spitfire MkI 54 Sqn Hornchurch - Colin Gray ***FINISHED***

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Looks wonderful. Again nice attention to detail and I really liked the added touch of the history through the build. Very nice way to remember what happened 80 years ago.


You can never tire of Spitfires. How many is that this year?



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Thanks Ray and as always your inputs were welcomed.  I’m glad you enjoyed the Sqn history. Their daily summaries are excellent - some Squadron records are quite dry, but 54’s proved very readable.


3 hours ago, Ray_W said:

You can never tire of Spitfires. How many is that this year?

Five since lockdown started! 🤦‍♂️ I suppose it’s not too bad - Only one per month....

To compound things further, I have another planned for this GB and at least one for the Mediterranean Theatre GB.... then there’s the interceptors GB and.....😳


I might just have to admit that I have developed a problem and venture down the well-trodden “at least one of every Spitfire Mark” path! 😆

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12 minutes ago, Steve 1602 said:

Only one per month

My rate is the same but out of the 7 completed only 3 are Spitfires.  There is another, Mk Ia, coming up soon in the GB.


Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with Eduard. Your comparative experience with Tamiya will be interesting.  

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Great build and thread - also some great tips for that Sqn ref markings etc - especially given Im not as happy as I want to be with the Airfix Spit I’m building for a friend - so a Tamiya kit  arrived as if by magic - I was looking at transferring the build subject to the Tamiya kit and continuing the Airfix as a 54 Sqn subject.

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