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Tanker T2-SE-A2, USS Pamanset (AO-85) Escambia Class | Print 3D & Scratch | 1/200

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Successful printing for this winch declined in two versions, the valves are well printed as well as the rods of connecting rods, the forward mast too. I printed some more. I have the steam supply pipes made in Evergreen.














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I was not at home this weekend. It was rather "Autodrome de Monthléry", then visit of the Jean-Baptiste Salis flying museum in La Ferté-Alais. I took a lot of pictures.


So I was a bit late... 


I continue on the details of the foredeck, mast stay cables, crown buoys, dome of the forward bunker tanks, add many steam pipes, install the winches and their piping, 2 drums of supply hoses. 


Northstars finally sent me the M51 firing directors... It's coming out in dribs and drabs at their place...






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Dome of bunker tanks and deep tank. Turrets. Hoses and their supports

Cardan valve handwheels. 


These valves are at the bottom of the tank on the suction pipe of the petroleum product. 

There is a large main line valve and a stripping valve, a smaller pipe that goes down to the bottom of the tank. A rod system with cardan joints mounts flush with the deck to close or open them. 


I've seen this system still present on coasters from the 1970s and 80s, a horror to maintain. 

Quickly replaced on newer vessels by hydraulically operated valves.


I started the drawings of the 2 cargo masts, and the 6 small ones along the rail.



















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Deck details are really coming along this will look stunning when completed. :popcorn:



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Printing of the 2 front lcargo masts booms, of different lengths, and the small masts along the beam, there are 4 of them, there are 2 more at the back in front of the middle castle intended for the launching of the 2 Paravanes, I haven't drawn it yet because I lack information on their exact shape, but it's on the right track.









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I made good progress during these two days, especially on the rigging.


I bought a good machine to make "small holes", it's expensive, but great and for life. 
It allowed me to make the pulleys.


The rigging is not finished, but not far, at least on the front, I still have the lifting cables for the hoses to mount.


I also have some hoses still to be added including a port / starboard manifolds, the forward hose was connected to it in operation. You can see it on this picture of the AO81. This photo helped me a lot.


















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Lovely detail work here. As for the 'punch' set, I have its bigger brother but I'm finding more and more occasions when I need the smaller set.



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Tks Stuart, Jerry! 


A few pictures, under the Breton sun, of the progress of the starboard Dazzle scheme, almost finished, there is a comma missing at the stern, painted this evening and maybe an addition to be made at the bow, depending on the height of the antifouling.


I'll be able to start the port side paint in the next few days, then the antifouling.











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Not much done on the model side today. Just added what was missing on the starboard dazzle, this side is finished. A few little touch-ups to do and it will be perfect. The continuation on Monday.





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Added the masts for the launching of the paravanes, I integrated the pulley, it's not bad, I just had to drill the hole to pass the wire, 0.3 mm drill bit ...

Creation and printing of the two forward manifolds, the manifolds allow, the connection with the ground or another ship to load or unload the products.


On some ships, they can be sophisticated enough to allow several combinations of connections depending on the shore installations, never identical because several products can be loaded/unloaded at the same time . 


The most provided are on chemical transport vessels.












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An American member of the US Modelwarships forum kindly mailed me the plan of the anchor that equipped this kind of ship from his father's 1943 BlueJacket's manual.  The photo distorting the drawing, I found an online manual from 1940 with the same drawing but scanned flat. I will be able to use it as a layer to recreate a 3D drawing and print it.




Links to this manual, BlueJacket's manual 1940:


Online: https://archive.org/stream/bluejacketsmanua00mcle?ref=ol#page/n5/mode/2up

Download PDF: https://ia800207.us.archive.org/6/items/bluejacketsmanua00mcle/bluejacketsmanua00mcle.pdf














A rainy afternoon drawing an anchor! It's going to blow very hard on the Channel tonight... 🤢 


Glad to have recovered the original plan, at least we're getting close to it.


Now we just have to print it.





















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If you'll ever decide to print this in 1/350 and sell it, you have a customer ;) 

There is shocking lack of transports and tankers on the market....

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Thanks Michael !  


"There is shocking lack of transports and tankers on the market...." , sure! The 3D print is a solution to built what you want, if you have the essential drawings.


A French friend of mine will soon start the APA-170 Gosper in 1/350 (Waterline) in 3D for a complex diorama, with the help of Pierre Marshal who built APA-152 Latimer 1/350 in 2020-2004.  






He will use this plan of the U.S.S. Gage, free HD plan here:









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It is a solution, but not for everyone. OK i can draw PE stuff, decals, I'm familiar with some 3d drawing as well, ergo I probably could design a 3D printed model but...

There always is a but ;)  All those things i CAN do, that doesn't mean I LIKE to do them. If I have a choice of putting something together and painting it, or spending weeks if not months before i can even take the airbrush out of the box, then I'm voting for the first option ;) 

Which means : chapeau bas for all the work you're doing on this project ;) 

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Indeed, it takes a lot of motivation to start learning 3D and later perseverance, but the end result is very rewarding. The cost of a model also falls, especially in these large scales, just look at the price of accessories on Shapemate or elsewhere... Although I still buy some, but with my next printer (Phrozen 4K), I hope to be able to do without them.

I don't master PE yet, but I have to get started, even if it's time consuming.


Which program do you use Michael?


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Oh I'm a dinosaur, PE and decals I draw in Corel 12 ;) As for 3D I use it only for resolving surfaces (for PE) i have Rhinoceros 3D, which theoretically doesn't work on anythiong above Windows XP :D  


Cost is less relevant to to me (not that I inherited some fortune), if I want something, that's it. In reality most of my projects are dragging for a long time, so even a big spend from time to time isn't a big deal.

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I always keep a Pc with Windows XP . 😁


I modified the anchor a bit to put it in the rack, I turned anchor shackle down to make it more credible once fixed on the front castle bulkhead near the paravane bd, and I put a riveted axle on it, although you need a magnifying glass to see it ...




Received the shooting director M51 from Northstars Ukraine, of the beautiful work, it is very fine, I had to separate the operator from his machine for painting, too bad it is not made of origin.


I also received some grids that can be used as a footbridge (Pass) or as a station barrier, luckily it was exactly at the desired width, a stroke of luck, it's pretty sturdy, which allows to glue the railling easily, just cut the small arrows at the end of the uprights with scissors. It looks really good, I've already seen this kind of openwork plank, what's nice is that you can see the structure underneath.


I found this PE board in England a few days ago. They are the only ones who make and sell this reference.





So I installed this pass, and also, the removable gangway that allows once lifted to open the front hold panel.


I'm starting to get some dust on the deck, a cleaning is necessary...





























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It's planned, I will do it with the whole ship, a light weathering comparable to that of my Bismarck ;) .







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On 02/10/2020 at 22:11, Michael M said:

Oh I'm a dinosaur, PE and decals I draw in Corel 12

Is that any good?  I used Corel 5 for drawing for years and it was excellent but it was incompatible with anything later than XP so when I went to Win 7 I bought the then latest version of Corel (9 I think, but may have been 10) and it was utter rubbish compared to 5.  Overly complicated to do even the simplest task and unable to do many of the things that 5 could do.  At that point I gave up with Corel and now use PowerPoint for drawing decals and plans, accepting the limitations.


Would you say 12 is worth investing in?

Edited by Chewbacca
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For my part I started with Windows 3.0... and before Commodore 64, Oric, Spectrum etc... 

I've worked with Windows all my life, wasted a lot of time too 🥺, creating professional programs with it.  But in the end I couldn't support this operating system that I know well now, which is certainly very versatile but very vulnerable. I am now retired and two years ago I bought a beautiful and powerful Mac, you turn the key and it works, it's magic, very stable, very fast, no viruses, malware etc... 


I kept in my attic, 2 pc's, one with XP and one with Win7, so I could access some old programs, but I don't use them anymore.


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Finished the central walkway, I'm waiting for stairs ordered at L'Arsenal 2.0, I don't have enough, but not available, it's going to be long.

Started the Dazzle Bd scheme. The starboard forward railling is installed.








Printed the aft mast.





Raw formwork, paint earlier, I painted the central bridge last night in 20B, the 5O parts to be painted according to the Dazzle scheme.


There will be some camouflage paint additions to be done on the platforms of the Oerlikon 20 mm.


Nothing is glued.











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