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Just a placeholder while the kit is in the post. 

Winston Churchill once said about the Royal Air Force airmen,

”Every Morn Brought Forth A Noble Chance, And Every Chance Brought Forth A Noble Knight”

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11 hours ago, modelling minion said:

1/72 or 1/48 H?

1/72 dude. I have the 1/48 one as well, but keeping that for the Sharkmouths2 GB if it makes it through the annual bum fight. 

Was trying to go outside the box slightly with something different to the usual Spitfires & Hurricanes.

I built Hurricane XD-S flown by Ken McKenzie for the 75th BOB GB. 


In June 1940, Winston Churchill said in his “We shall fight on the beaches” speech


“Very large formations of German aeroplanes-and we know that they are a very brave race-have turned on several occasions from the attack of one-quarter of their number of the Royal Air Force, and have dispersed in different directions. Twelve aeroplanes have been hunted by two. One aeroplane was driven into the water and cast away by the mere charge of a British aeroplane, which had no more ammunition. All of our types-the Hurricane, the Spitfire and the new Defiant-and all our pilots have been vindicated as superior to what they have at present to face.”


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Time to rescue this from page 5 with a little start update. 


So a few bits started, wheel bays glued into lower wing then upper wings fitted. A splash of paint into the cockpit


 More to follow. 

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Good start! Beware though there are some bear traps. I had a bit of a torrid time with the turret. It’s all documented in my build. If you have any questions please ask!



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Cracking on with this and forgot to take any progress photos. 


The turret parts are together now and drying under some Matt black. 

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A bit more work on this. 

The most important part of the Battle of Britain


The aircrew!

And a bit of paint on the plane



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