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Mercedes 300SL Gullwing 1/24 Tamiya with photoetched detail up set from Hobby Design

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Good evening Gentlemen :)


I've been kept busy at my office today, because I'll be soon retired, and have not found any successor, so my patients will be orphaned and I must give 'em their medical file.

And it's not as simple as that.

So I've spent the whole day to prepare some files for the next week's patients.


But this evening, I've made significant improvements on the body, with a little but necesary surgery :)

Indeed, I've opened the 2 vents situated at the back of the roof.


Tamiya supplies the body with "blind apertures", and it was impossible to go on with that, as they are open on the real car.


I'm pretty happy with the result, even if it remains  some sanding job to get it cleaner  :)


50635071617_2226ef8847_c.jpg   50634242073_38613ca09f_c.jpg


Now, I've a question for @ejboyd5 : what kind of stuff is there on these apertures to prevent water (amongst other things) entry into the cabin ?


See you soon :)


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Stunning work and attention to detail as always with your work!

With regard to the roof vents back in about 1967/8 I worked at weekends serving petrol and the boss had a 300 Gullwing which we had to clean when the forecourt was quite and I remember being told very sternly to be careful with the hose as the vents were open with NO obstruction to ingress of any kind!

Looking forward to your next instalment


  Stay safe         Roger

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Absolutely nothing to seal the vents. They are open all the time. During my 58 years with the silver car (and 50 years with the red one) I have never experience the slightest water intrusion through the vents, even when washing the car. Be advised, the floor of the vents does have a slight upward slope (approximately 10mm) at its far forward end which is not noticeable from outside the car and is hardly worth mentioning in 1:24.  Keep up the great work.

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Good morning Chaps :)


Freshly got out their resin bath, here ar my Gullwing luggage:


50643732453_179f97cfc9_b.jpg   50643732403_9b0be1dfe0_b.jpg


A bit of cleaning and sanding work, and then priming and painting job :)


Stay tuned if you like 😎


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Afternoon Guys :)


After paining job, here is the Becker radio, waiting to be glued on the dash, not perfect because very difficult to paint so tiny areas with different colors without drooling :


50644947907_cb6ecba476_c.jpg   50644856731_ea0a654738_c.jpg


But with the naked eye, it's OK :)


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Evening Gentlemen :)


The Becker Mexico radio has been glued in place one the dashboard and, to achieve this major part of the cabin, it only remains to glue the rearview mirror, before glueing the whole set on the tub.


At the moment, the stuff looks like this:




The close pictures are merciless, aren't they ? 🤔


Fortunately for my reputation, with the naked eye, it looks good 🤥




I've also painted the small case:


50646285622_f6936e49ab_c.jpg   50646191301_bfcd741e5d_c.jpg


And of course, the large case...with this one, I'm franky happy, because I managed to give it the grain-embossed leather aspect with my airbrush:


50646311492_cd69bab732_b.jpg   50645471543_66f263733b_b.jpg



For the fun, a test fit of the dash and the cases on the tub:


50646311527_955ba0773b_b.jpg.  50646216481_9f8ca8d162_b.jpg





Well, what else now ? ...  the chromed bead that run allover the rear shelf's periphery to retain the luggage,  of course, with its straps to fix the cases :) a new major challenge at this 1:24 scale 🙄


So, stay tuned and with me luck, please ;)

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Lateral protective rail in luggage area is 11mm diameter and spaced approximately 15mm from wall at center rear tapering to 0 spacing where it is fastened just to the rear of door openings.  Rail is roughly parallel to the the bottoms of the side window openings and is approximately 30mm below at forward end and 50mm below at center rear. Transverse protective rail is also 11mm diameter and lies just above the carpeting immediately to the rear of the seats.  For the transvers rod in 1:24 scale I would simply drill holes in the wall and insert a wire going from side to side. The lateral protective rod has three standoff fixtures, center rear being approximately 15mm long and the two located between the center rear and the forward end being approximately 6mm long.

The two leather luggage straps are made up of three parts. The ones that loop around the lateral rod and the transverse rod have only small holes to mate up with the the third piece that has a buckle at each end. Straps are 25mm wide and usually natural leather color.

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Goods morning Gentlemen 😉


I've redrawn the luggage, following ejboyd5's advice, and their 3D printing is actually in progress. Some pictures:


50651019298_49ab902865_c.jpg   50651855532_6cc7667f09_c.jpg


50651855537_eccf3a2e92_c.jpg   50651019273_2a7f30d2bb_c.jpg


I've found on the Net some pictures of the leather straps system for the Gullwing luggage:




It could be useful for the next steps of my build 😎


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Good afternoon guys :)


Here are my new suitcaseswith their 3 handles and hinges less prominent; They have received 2 coats of Alclad Grey primer. 

I've printed 2 of each in case I've an issue later on, while painting for exemple:


50660586561_70cc3f595a_c.jpg   50659855903_df563c280d_c.jpg


6 attempts have been made before getting such a result, my printer settings were wrong or the supports not correctly placed, or both.


Stay tuned if you like :)


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Evening gentlemen :)


The MB 300SL Gullwing's Luggage has just been achieved:


Family portrait:




Close up photo of the ironmongery, before painting




And luggage in place waiting for a slight weathering and for leather straps:


50662108647_2fe8f40768_c.jpg   50662017216_c3a2de940b_c.jpg   50662017201_4a24f3dfa8_c.jpg


Stay tuned for the next steps :)


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Hi chaps :)


Tonight, for the first time since 2 weeks, I felt capable of putting some additional micro-details in the cabin.

It's been a while since I wanted to do it, but the difficulty of this task made me back down.

At last, I've managed to do it, and rather correctly !


What is it ?? 🤔


50662713317_91748f89c6_c.jpg   50662624521_fb2fc403a5_c.jpg 


Do you see those screws at the bottom of the door openings ?


I had a lot of them with my PE set (n° 61) , they are microscopic, just as tiny than the sharpened point of a toothpick !




After one hour of work with magnifying glasses, Microscale MicroLiquid Tape, a toothpick, a bit of saliva at the point of a toothpick to catch the small PE screws, with bated breath, I've put 7 screws on each side, correctly aligned:


50662624351_3f8aa22a2b_c.jpg   50661890318_33a5908ae0_c.jpg


Pretty, isn't it ? 😎


To be continued...😉

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That’s really looking great now, fantastic job. It’s always the tiny things that make models realistic in the end. 

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Thanks guys for the kind words, much appreciated :)


The protective rails in luggage's area is another challenge

I need a 0.45 mm wire (steel or brass, nether mind) to simulate them (they are, as said @ejboyd5, 11 mm diameter, which is 0.45 at 1:24 scale)

I've 0.4 and 0.48 in my stash, I think this last one will be convenient.


All the difficulty is tho give the lateral one the right arched-shaped and to imagine and fabricate the 3 fixtures.


I've to sleep on it :)


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2 hours ago, Toftdale said:

You attention to detail is staggering,  very impressive 👏.   I had also never heard of MicroLiquid tape, I need to get some.

It's a kind of PVA glue, that have the peculiar quality to  become transparent while drying.

it's usually used to glue transparent parts, as canopies for planes, and of course glasses of a car.

It can easily be cleaned up with water. You can use it too for temporary joining

It doesn't damage the paint, and even though it hasn't a high adhesive power, it's perfect to glue this tiny and light PE parts :)




Hope it will help 😇


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Good evening gentlemen :)


A little bit of progress tonight:


The mirror has been glued on the dah, and is really impressive with its metal transfer, very shiny and reflective.

The side handles has been glued and painted.

The transverse retentive rail on the luggage area has been put in place.


The hardest job remains to do:

The lateral protective rail has to be scratched, shaped, and fixed in place with five fixtures (1 center rear, 2 lateral, and 2 at each forward end)

According to the dimensions @ejboyd5 has given, the center rear fixture should be 0.625 mm long and the lateral fixtures should be 0.25 mm long.

Obviously, with my limited skill level, it's impossible to do, so, a compromise needs to be made, and  hopefully, I could manage to fabricate 1 mm long fixtures...

But It's another story :)


50677122812_46f10f2582_c.jpg   50676294838_823e498832_c.jpg


50677122512_8592106a3c_c.jpg   50677041336_e33299ce31_c.jpg


50677041141_63960b9319_c.jpg[/url    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2kd6fPz]50676294503_7eed5f4b07_c.jpg


50677041646_2e2cb3d79f_c.jpg   50677041836_d55d941dcf_h.jpg


Stay tunes if you like and thanks for watching :)


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Good evening everybody   🤪


I'm slowly finalizing the fabrication of the lateral rail of the luggage area.

Forming gradually by hands the rail, using à 05 mm piano wire hasn't be too difficult.

The difficulty that remains is to give it the right length at forward ends.


At the moment, I'm here with this job:


50694494576_a3214af7ea_b.jpg   50694494566_0c08785f9e_b.jpg


Regarding the fixtures,  I've tried to make one using 1 mm outer diameter (0.5 inner diameter) brass tube, 04. mm copper wire, some 0.4 holes on the tube, and soldering, but it didn't work

So, I've drawn them with Fusion 360 and 3D printed them with the Elegoo Mars.




My first attempts with a resin printed fixture whom bracket was 1 mm outer  diameter and the hole on it 0.55 mm (so 0.22 mm wall thickness ) has failed, because it was too weak, and broke when I tried to thread the rail .

I've so decided to redraw them , giving the bracket 1.2/0.6 dimensions, and it seems to be OK


Obviously, these fixtures are absolutely out of scale for a purist modeler or a Gullwing owner (😉 @ejboyd5), but at the nacked eye, I think it will be pretty nice.




The 1 cent coin give you and idea of the size !


A little test fit between the arched rail and 3 fixtures:




The pin on each fixture is 0.7 mm thick and will be threaded and glued into 3 0.7 mm holes that I'll drill later on the wall of the luggage area


Now, I must have an idea for the 2 front fixture🤔


Stay tuned for the next steps :)


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