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B26 question


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Hi folks,


so pre-started a revell b26 and there’s this hole with nothing in the instructions


the hole on the left.


from the few starboard photo’s I’ve seen this is not there. I assume it’s a crew entry door but should I fill it in?

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It is (barely) visible on this picture.. just above the bar.

But the NMF finish and the lack of forward nose gun make this a later version.



Or this one (inside the 'R')




There's also a walkaround of Kermit Week's B-26 here which doesn't have the port on the hatch.



Neither does this early B-26  (no gun packs or mountings, red dotted star underwing)



It probably means check the production numbers & serials for versions.



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1 hour ago, Lawzer said:

I assume it’s a crew entry door but should I fill it in?

I believe it is the escape hatch used by all of the crew  members in the tail section, which began at the rear bomb bay bulkhead. According to its description in the William Wolf Martin B-26 Marauder  book, on page 255, he states "The side escape hatch, providing escape for all crewmen in the tail section, was located on the RH side at the aft end of the waist gun compartment. The hatch was made of wooden formers  covered with an Alclad skin.  It could be opened from the inside by pulling down on the rod at the top of the door, allowing the door to drop free to the outside. Beginning with the B-26B-45MO at Omaha and the Baltimore B-26F-1MA,  it could be opened from the outside by puncturing the circular cloth patch, (Which had a rip cord  in the hatch.) reaching in, and pulling down on a rod or latch cable ring". That circular opening in the hatch on the Monogram kit is where the cloth patch was doped over the opening. If there is nothing on the kit sprues to plug the opening, I would suggest punching out a circle from thick decal stock or masking tape and applying it over the opening. Now, this not being my scale, and my not being aware of what block number the Monogram kit depicts, you will need to check the serial number of the B-26 you intend to model to see what production block it was- earlier than  the B-45MO block, there will be no circular access opening, but a solid door- after that block, there would be the cloth-covered circular opening. If you can't find the block, provide the serial number and one of us will look it up for you. It's a small detail, to be sure, but you know how it is with us crazies! I am guessing that the patch would be OD dope on a camouflaged airplane and silver dope on a bare metal airplane.


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