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Lancaster Tallboy bomber


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I'm starting to gather some bits together to build my Tamiya 1:48 Lancaster. I'd like to build it as one of the 9 Squadron Tallboy bombers. But I need to source some bulged bay doors. I see that Paragon made a set several years ago, but I can't find any sets available online. So, I have a few questions:


1. Does anyone on this forum have a Paragon set that they'd be willing to sell to me?

2. Is there any set other than the Paragon available on the market?

3. Failing the above, has anyone built such doors from scratch? And if so, could offer some pointers?


Best, Paul

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I've been collecting some info on Lanc II's, but specifically on the bulged bomb bay doors,  see here ...



This should make you crazy - as I understand it there were no less than 9 different configurations!


The short 'two step' bulge, the short full width bulge, the full length tapered bulge, and all with or without the aft fairing, and all with or without the ventral turret!


No one since Paragon has made bulged doors as far as I know  (I wish they had!)

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Thanks @Tail-Dragon! That thread has some excellent info -- and more pictures of Mk II's than I've ever seen. As I understand, the Mk II's were all built at Armstrong Whitworth in Coventry, with production ceasing in March 1944. The Lancaster I'm building is a Mk I, LM220, built at the same factory and delivered approximately May-ish 1944. I think it did not have a ventral turret, but it seems (too) logical to me that they would have utlilized the same doors if it could house a Tallboy. I've got a few pics on my other computer that I'll post later...

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Here's a little more info - I'm keen on building LM220 WS-Y "Getting Younger Every Day" of 9 Squadron. I haven't come across any photos showing the bomb doors yet, but here's what I've got so far. First pic shows the plane after its bombing of the Tirpitz:


PCluettAV1531.2 (1)


The next one shows the flight crew perhaps not long after they received this bomber from its former crew, prior to Tirpitz:




Here's a drawing I found showing it with bulged bomb doors, middle turret removed and no ventral turret: 




And another drawing, somewhat similar:


LM220 Tirpitz


I also some info recorded by the younger brother of the pilot, Douglas Tweddle, who explained that the middle turret was removed for the Tirpitz missions, in an effort to reduce weight for the long flight from Russia.


This is all the info I have so far on the plane, and I'm still hoping to get more details on the bulged bomb doors. EDIT: Also, i am interested in modelling this as a pre-Turpitz plan and will include the middle gun. Hoping someone might have some images of this plane to share. Cheers!

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Thanks Jari. I've seen that photo. I also have a couple photos of other planes from 9 Squadron with bulged doors. Here is WS-C:




And here is WS-O, LM217, which would have been from the same batch as LM220 of planes built at Armstrong Whitworth:





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Interesting thread ... I'm looking at building a 9 Sqn Lancaster out of the Border kit. @FM104  do you know if LM453 WS-E (Avro-built Mk.III) was a Tallboy capable aircraft? Is there a source or link which lists which airframes were converted to carry it?


And would most 9 Sqn Lancasters have had the daylight style lettering after D-Day? The one I'm looking at was lost on 31 July after attacking a railway tunnel together with 617 Sqn.




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