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My Old Matchbox 1/72 Buccaneer.

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Here is my old Buccaneer I built around 35 years ago.

It has survived my stupid brothers who smashed over 50 of my models one evening after a few beers after finding them In my mum’s loft where I left them in a box for safe storage. They test flew them out of the window to see if they would fly - even the tanks! Somehow this along with a Hurricane, B.P.Defiant, two harriers and a C47 gunship stayed with me.

This Buccaneer was showing it’s age and had lost its canopy and one main gear and nose wheel. Other things were broken off in the box but still present.

I dismantled the rest of it which was easier than I thought as the polystyrene cement had started to break down.

it was then in a bath of pure Dettol to remove the enamel paint which it did brilliantly.

I then rebuilt it using Tamiya Extra Thin, my then new airbrush (cheap one to start with) and a Pavla replacement canopy.

Decals were originals which never got fitted.

I made a replacement undercarriage by copying the one I had and using a spare nose wheel I had in my spares box.

Missiles are from a Frog Jaguar kit.

Its one of my favourite models.

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I thoroughly enjoy seeing restorations of old builds. I like yours a lot.

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Matchbox kits....love them, and your buccaneer is great. 


I am glad I have 2 sisters.....!

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