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Hello from Surrey.


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Hi all, 


I actually joined this site in 2013 and thought it was about time I stopped lurking and said hello!  My name is Dan, I love scale aircraft modelling, mostly WWII era but also I've bought a couple of jets. I've only ever completed around 6 kits in my life, 3 in the last month.


I've returned to modelling after about 8 years off and so far I've built three 1/72 kits as a gentle easing back into the hobby. I'm now on my first 1/48 kit which is a Sea Fury from Airfix.


Cheers and hope to be more involved going forward!





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1 minute ago, TonyOD said:

Nice to know you Dan. Are you going to show us your Sea Fury? One of my favourite planes. 😀


Hi Tony,


It's still WIP at the moment but I'm just sorting out the pics for FlickR and then I'll post in the WIP section. Cheers! Dan

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