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Academy 1/400 Titanic (Eduard PE)

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When I left off, I had only fitted in B deck. Throughout the process of attempting to fit in A and the Boat Deck, I worked very little on the model. This was predominantly because of the majority of the building process was clamping, gluing, and waiting. Because of this, I didn't not see it fit to make an update as frequently as I usually do.


I now present all of the decks in place with the tops of the smokestacks complete.




The overall building process was not as gruelling as others who have built this model have described. It was just a matter of getting all the deck parts in the groves of the hull wall. After that is done, clamping is required to glue in the side of the deck where the lifeboats go. It has no groves to guide it in the correct orientation.


After that was complete I started on the black tops of the smokestacks. They were not fitting properly, so I cut off the connector grove and just made sure that they were in the correct orientation by eye.




I have started on the forward rigging and mast. Updates on that will follow....

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Hello there! It's been awhile.


After a series of events that prevented me from modelling, I am back and have some progress to share.


I have finished the forward and aft. mast rigging, finished PE rails for the stern deck endings, added stairs, and added the cranes (bow cranes were added after the photo was taken).





I have also painted some rails and deck sides brown and sides of funnels black to add authenticity.




I have started on the lifeboats, and hope to get another update out soon....

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absolutely smashing work there. Top marks going into so much finite detail in 1/400 scale there. Im building the 1/200 Trumpeter Titanic and are already borderline nervous breakdown from the challenge. Don't get too hung up on colours as there really is very little accurate information about the shades etc used - trust me, I've done my research and chosen to make my own choices based on all the books and archive information available - 

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For the most part this model is not complete. As for the ship-length rigging, it was causing a plethora of issues for me, and was unendingly frustrating so I left it out. Other than that, mostly everything is complete, with the uncompleted items left out at my own favour. 


It's far from perfect, but with the time that I have spent, and with the effort that I was willing to spend, it turned out quite nice. 


(FYI the hull is not as shiny as the pictures make it out to be)


After 2 months of work, I present RMS Titanic.












My next project will likely be a 1/48 Stuka or Spitfire depending on what I feel like starting, hope to start on it soon!

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