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Russian AF nose numbers

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Hi all, the numbers painted on the nose or Russian jets, black, red, blue or yellow. Is there a significance as to the colour used? I have seen a difference in the outlines, I have seen none, white & black, again is their a reason for this? Thanks for any information you can give me regarding these questions. 

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1 hour ago, Doug said:

Now that makes a lot of sense, I had wrongly thought that the colour of the number denoted the area it operated in

If "blue" number then Siberian, because cold, if  "yellow" then desert because sand, but if "red" this was  "Martian Separate Red Banner Fighter-Bomber Guards Squadron" because Mars is a red planet?


In fact, a lot has been written here:

3 hours ago, Sabrejet said:

See here:


I can add to this that many aircraft  received numbers consisting of a white border on a factory, and already on the regiment  the numbers were painted inside with the necessary color, but in some regiments they did not, so you can see the number consisting only of a white border.

3 and 4 digital number also was on combat aircraft until 1955 year.




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