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An afternoon Built 'Lancaster'

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Love it....  You did a mighty IMORESSIVE job.


:clap:  :clap2:

Unusual and unique a build I have ever seen.





and :post1:   ... enjoy your stay here...

look forward to your models, past present and future ones.


HOUSTON   :cowboy:  


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It's pretty much all screwed up.............!


(Apologies....Couldn't resist.....Love this thread, the effort and the build though - nice and unusual)


I like it so much that I've just ordered one from a well known online seller. Its from the IWM. They have ships, tanks etc. as well. 👍








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Well, we had the Avro Manchester and Lancaster, so this must be the lesser known Avro Bolt-on. Awesome!


Loving also the way that the front gunner can engage night fighters coming in from both the 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock positions simultaneously. Cunning stuff!



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Nice one, i think the forward guns need harmonizing. Good to see something different

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