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Our Route Has been Changed Modern War Series kit No.1 1:24 Master Box Ltd

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Our Route Has been Changed

Modern War Series kit No.1
1:24 Master Box Ltd



Master Box have seen a market for some well-sculpted, modern mouldings of soldiers for a while now.  This looks to be the first in a new 1:24 scale series. This set arrives in the de facto standard figure shaped box with a painting of the included figures on the front, and parts breakdown with pictorial instructions on the rear. On opening the end of the box, you're greeted by a re-sealable bag containing one large sprue and one smaller one containing all the parts you'll need to build  the two figures on the box top. The weapons come as a sprue from the ICM Swat kits and as such feature a HK MP5 for the female figure not the weapon shown on the box art., though it is shown on the instructions at least.



Torsos, legs, arms and heads are all separate parts, with webbing also separate for a more realistic in-scale feel, with helmets, weapons and load-out also separate, which gives the modeller some scope for individualising each figure without too much work. The sculpting is good, though not as good as some of the 1/35 sets I have from MB



The feel of this set is something generic, even though the figures have US Flags on their helmets they dont really say US armed forces to me, more maybe Private Military Contractors? The female figure does not really stand out as such. The inclusion of the SWAT weapons sprue again lends to being more generic as the HK MP5 is not something in normal use with certain armed forces. Overall not the best from MB but if you want some 1:24 figures for a project that will build up well then go for these.




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