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Tamiya 1/12 Porsche 935 stalled build

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This build stalled a couple or few years ago when I looked closely at the windows supplied in the kit and realised the main screens were virtually unusable. I commented on @Peter Milgate's lovely build thread about them and then contacted @capri-schorsch who kindly supplied his vac form set with templates and spare material for just the cost of postage, very generous.

So I've got no excuse for pushing on except I'm in the middle of a 917K build!

In Pete's thread I said I would start my own so here it is, I'll regard this as a place holder to come back to once the 917 is finished, they're iPhone pictures so don't expect brilliance!




The fuel tank was roughed up with an application of plastic solvent (plastic pipe cleaner) and stippled with a stiff brush then given a dark wash.




Engine shoe horned in.






Just noticed the trailing arms are not there, must check the box to make sure I still have them.






Some bits of the interior look as though they have come adrift too... but I'm quite pleased with how it looks overall, not something I usually think but the passage of time dulls the critical side of your brain! When you're in the middle of the project - nothing but self criticism!

It may also inspire folk to get and build the sister 934 as it's just been re released by Tamiya. They really are lovely kits.

I haven't taken any pictures of the body shell, it's not good, the decals have started to flake as I didn't put a finish lacquer on before it got parked so it looks like a replacement decal set is required as well.


So place holder set, future project to finish.



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7 minutes ago, capri-schorsch said:

Hi Dave, I think your achieved look is right. It looks very real to me. 

The right balance of dirt and washing. 

Just like you took the body of the real car off.

Thank you Sir! I appreciate the comment, that's just what I was aiming at, looking at period pictures shows how these cars were worked hard during their brief competition lives.

Just need to get the body looking like something similar now.



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