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Grumman Hellcat Mk.I, 1/72, Eduard - community knowledge appreciated

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I’ll skip the kit introduction as Eduard’s Hellcat in 72nd scale is well known to the community. I’m not a Hellcat aficionado and actually decided to give it a try thanks to the good press and the generous dimensions of the model in this scale. My knowledge on the subject is quite limited and the documentation even less – the good old “In Action” booklet and the instruction sheet of the 1/24 Airfix kit! Subsequently I’ll heavily rely on community knowledge to guide me into the subject – a Grumman Hellcat Mk.I, obviously FAA, more precisely the JV131 with invasion stripes.


The starting point is the Eduard ProfiPack dual combo (so 2 kits, a Mk.II or F6F-5/ -5N might come afterwards on the production line, who knows) and a several accessories (Big Ed set, various resins, etc.). Not sure if all those will find place in a single model. For me, the big “first” will be the rivet decal set – never tried it before; I’ll see.

Please excuse the inherent English language mistakes that will be present in my post from time to time; obviously I’m not a native speaker but more of a “bad English” category.

101 102

That being said, let’s roll.

Started by removing exhausts pipes from the fuselage, not due to their representation – quite honest for the scale – but with the aim of simplifying the painting of the exhaust stains latter on; I’ll add some brass tube sections at the very end of the construction.

I’ve also opened the tail wheel well; the blank proposal of the kit gives some sort of a toy appearance. I’ll recreate some dummy representation of the two fuselage frames in that area. Of course, the 2 ejector pin marks on fuselage inside are now visible and must be somehow handled.


103 104 105

As my model will be a Mk.I – with the corresponding additional windows at the back of the cockpit – and because Eduard completely neglected any frame representation there, I’ve transferred the seat back panel to a piece of 1mm polystyrene and recreated the upper part of the back frame. Not 100% accurate, just to avoid a nasty void perspective. Still thinking if lower part of the abovementioned frame is needed.

106 107 108

More to come; hopefully.


Best regards,


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Decided to add an extension to the rear cockpit frame, loosely resembling the one from the Airfix instructions.


A little bit of work on tail wheel well; the way Eduard modeled the oleo strut force me to insert it close to the middle frame, on the original it was actually articulated on the front bulkhead. I do not intend to completely redo the tail wheel assembly – I’m not in that league of scratch building – so I’ll keep kit’s approach; the Alu tube is the provision for tail wheel insertion.

110 111 112

A question regarding painting – what would be the right color for wheel wells (including the tail one) and cockpit interior? Any Vallejo Model Air reference for that/ those colors?  


Feedback, comments and recommendations are more than welcomed.


Best regards,


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  • mack changed the title to Grumman Hellcat Mk.I, 1/72, Eduard - community knowledge appreciated

Hello fellow community members,


I would highly appreciate your opinion/ recommendation regarding cockpit interior and wheel wells colors from Vallejo acrylics range.

My limited inquiry (mostly internet) ended up with the following results:


for cockpit interior:

(Interior Green) – Vallejo Model Air 71137 or 71010


(Cockpit Light Green) – Vallejo Model Air 70974


For wheel wells (including tail wheel) is either same color as cockpit interior or underside color.

For underside (supposedly Sky S – BS210) I have no less than 3 Vallejo Model Air references: 71302, 71296, 71009.


So, where to?

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