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Italeri 1/72 + 1/48 HH-60 Jayhawk USCG

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Found this thread while searching for info about about detail sets for the 1/72 HH-60 kits.  If I had seen it back in September, I would have chimed in then. But I’ll weigh in now, even though I’m probably too late to help the previous posters, as  it may help others who find this thread while searching for USCG info...


Here’s my summary of modern USCG colors. The colors are:


Coast Guard Red, aka Red#40 (FS 12199)

International Orange (FS 12197)

Coast Guard Orange (FS 12250)

White (17875, pre-2000, 17925 from 2000- on)

Coast Guard Blue (15183). 


The consensus of opinion on modeling forums used to be that Model Master Chevy Engine Red is the closest match to 12199- but that dates from the days before we had the Badger ModelFlex and True North options.  (I haven’t tested this myself.)


Coast Guard aircraft are not painted International Orange. FS 12197 is not red enough.   Coast Guard Orange is FS 12250.  A 50/50 mix of 12199 and Int’l Orange approximates the color, if you have to mix.


Things are easier now than they were 10 years ago!


Badger Model Flex has both a Coast Guard Red and a Coast Guard Orange in their line. They don’t have FS numbers listed, but they look ok on my monitor. (I still have a some of the Modelmaster Marine Colors line of paints that were dropped 10 years ago.  I will order some of the Badger paints soon and try them out.)


True North Paints also have a 12199 red, and a Coast Guard Orange FS 12250.  Their line of paints are getting pretty good reviews from clubmates, but I don’t  know anyone who has tried the CG colors.


To summarize:  

Coast Guard red is used on Cutters and boats for the slash, and for the hulls on icebreakers.   

Coast Guard orange is used on the aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary wing. A couple of guys on my USCG veterans FB group confirmed that both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft are painted in the same paint shop using the same paints.  

When you look at photos online, you can find photos of the HH-65 and HH-60 in colors ranging from red to orange, and every shade in between- but they really are all  FS 12250.

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