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Soviet Infantry Tank Riders Set 1 (35309) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd

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Soviet Infantry Tank Riders Set 1 (35309)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




We have all seen pictures from all forces in WWII with infantry soldiers riding on tanks, after all why walk when you can cadge a free ride from the tankies.  This set arrives in a figure sized end-opening box and as advertised on the front it holds four figures that can be posed on and around the vehicle.  There are then 4 additional sprues of personal weapons and equipment. They are all armed with the Soviet PPS 9mm gun. There looks to be one officer and 3 other ranks. 






Sculpting is as ever spot on, with sensible breakdown of parts along natural seams, good understanding of the draping of different materials, and realistic poses and proportions that all add realism to the finished figures.  There does seem to be some larger seem lines of these figures which will need to be removed, however that is an easy process. The painting and construction guide can be found of the back of the box in colour, with paints called out as numbers that relate to a table below converting between Vallejo,  Mr Color, Mission models and AMMO brands plus the colours and their names in English. Recommended if you need some Soviet Infantry to ride on your latest Soviet tank model. 






Review sample courtesy of



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