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Special hobby Mirage F.1 EQ 1/72

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4 minutes ago, Tbolt said:

Very impressive! Lovely clean work. Did you freehand the camo?

Tnx Tbolt! Yes, camo was freehand. First model I did with my new Mr Hobby PS-770 (shout out to Martin@air-craft.net :), great service). Must say, I'm well impressed with this airbrush. Of course, still need a bit of practice, but even so, it's great improvement from my Iwata HP-CS, which is a great airbrush in itself.

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Beautiful Mirage F.1! You consistently do high quality work, as evidenced by this model and the two F-14s I looked at earlier.

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Now that is a great reproduction of what I consider to be one of the most attractive aircraft ever made - well done sir!


This would have been a worthy inclusion in the proposed French Fancy 2 GB, I don't suppose you've got another Mirage or indeed, something French you could build in that GB have you?

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Very nice and impressive work!

One question:

Do you have any reference for this 

3 tank load out?

I have not seen the big 2200 liter iraqi banana together with wingtanks yet! Would be great!

Thanks, and again, fantastic F1!

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