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Buran Energia

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I've been thinking recently that I'd like to build a Buran, the Soviet shuttle. 

So I see there's a company called Ark Models now making a plastic Buran in 1/144, pretty expensive but that's fine. Does anyone have experience building this kit? 

Also, any plastic 1/144 Energia rocket kits or am I stuck with resin options? If not I might just mount the Buran to an An225 (I do like large models!).

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The ARK kit has some nice details, but you should consider the aftermarket Microdesign 1/144 Buran Soviet space shuttle PE Detail set 144222 (ARK Model) as well if you intend to display with open bays.  My instructions were all in Russian, so I used information from SIM YouTube videos as well.  The only Energia I am aware of is a resin kit from Anigrand in Hong Kong.  I plan to order one once international shipping improves as a result of the pandemic.

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