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US Armoured Tractor with Angle Dozer Blade (35291) 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models

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US Armoured Tractor with Angle Dozer Blade (35291)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models




Bulldozers have been around in construction since the 1920s however the term Bulldozer came from the 30s as before that they were called Bullgraders. The Blade (the curved front piece) peels layers of earth of and pushes it forwards. Tracks were introduced really with the Caterpillar company.  These machines were used extensively by the military to construct all manner of bases, airfields, roads etc. 



The Kit

This kit is a military version of the Caterpillar D7, however there is no information in the instructions on this (probably for licencing),.  The kit arrives on 37 sprues, a small PE fret and a small decal sheet; and a figure.






Construction begins with the engine which is the heart of the machine. As this is visible it is a small kit on its own with a large number of parts. The engine and its transmission take up the first 3 pages of the instruction booklet and complete with the radiator fit into the front part of the chassis which builds up around it.  The left and right track roller assemblies are then built up with a complex assembly including the wheels and track tensioning system. 






Next the driver area is built up over the engine/transmission area and the roller assemblies are attached to each side. the radiator grill is then added at the front and the side plates for the operator entry are added. Next up the complicated looking winch arrangement which moves the blade is made up and added. This fits at the rear of the cab and goes over it, with the cab roof being added. The tracks are added at this stage each link has 4 parts! and there are 36 each side. If building the armoured version for option 9 then the armoured box surrounding the cab needs to be built up, and the machine guns added in.








The last stage is to construct the large bulldozer blade and it supporting structure. The blade can be fitted straight on or with an offset to the left or right as needed. The figure can be used on the bulldozer if needed, though for some strange reason its pose is a man getting in or out of a vehicle with a door?





There are markings for several US units; 5 regular units which were;


  1. USAAF Construction Unit, North Africa 1943
  2. US Aviation Engineer Battalion, Ledo Road India/China 1944
  3. US Navy Seebee Mobile construction Battalion, Rhode Island 1942
  4. US Army Engineers, Pacific WW2
  5. 299th Combat Engineering Battalion, US Army Omaha Beach, June 1944
  6. 312th Combat Engineering Battalion, 87th Infantry Division, Saint-Vith, Belgium 1945
  7. US Army, Cherbourg 1944
  8. Capital Mechanised Division, Republic of Korea Army, Bong Son, Vietnam 1966


The last markings are for an up armoured and armed vehicle from the 1 St Provisional Tank group, Burma 1944. This was a particularly interesting but not well know joint US / Chinese command in Burma. As the areas has no real roads construction equipment was heavily used. Click here to read more on this interesting command.






Taken from MiniArt's website



This is an important piece of US construction equipment which miniart have made an excellent kit of.


Very highly recommended.




 Review sample courtesy of


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